Phil Marty Photography | About
I picked up a film camera when I was in my early teens and have put it down only once—10 years ago when I replaced it with a digital camera.

Nature photography has been my passion since the beginning, but my portfolio has expanded over the years to include travel and blues music. As a travel journalist, now retired from the Chicago Tribune but still trekking on a freelance basis, I’ve photographed on all seven continents. I admit to a love affair with the American West and Southwest, but Antarctica without question is the most amazing place I've ever photographed.

Having spent a fair amount of pleasant times under darkroom safelights, sniffing fixer, I nonetheless have become a digital darkroom junkie.

In recent years my photography has been transitioning from a more literal interpretation to a sometimes abstract or Impressionistic viewpoint. To accomplish this I use a variety of special lenses and techniques and also heavily manipulate some of my images in Photoshop for a more painterly feel.